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What do they have in common?

I confess to the obvious. It's been ages since I've posted anything new on this blog - even longer than I'd realized. Social media...sigh. Life is busy and that's a good thing, right?

Beach Rental was released in July 2011. Kincaid's Hope released in January 2012. A Stranger in Wynnedower is due to be released in early November. Meanwhile, I'm working on the next novel in which I plan to revisit North Carolina and Emerald Isle. I can already feel the sun and sand and hear the waves crashing on shore.

Like Beach Rental and Kincaid's Hope, A Stranger in Wynnedower is a mix of Women's Fiction, romance and suspense. In Kincaid's Hope I paid homage to the great Romantic Suspense and Gothic authors of the past. In A Stranger in Wynnedower you'll find strong southern Gothic undertones in a contemporary setting. A Stranger in Wynnedower has more mystery and suspense than its predecessors. Which, in a very loose way, sort of leads me to the Writers Police Academy.

I don't write crime fiction or even thrillers. Where is the benefit to me in traveling all the way to Greensboro, North Carolina to attend a lovely weekend of crime, forensics and more? Well, it's fun for one thing. Lee Lofland, the local library and training center - many volunteers put on a spectacular event. It's not only fun but chock full of good info targeted to writers. Even a sweet romance could have a police officer writing a traffic ticket, right? Yep, and we want to write it right. Hah!

I attended last year and this year promises to be even better.

I'll keep you posted.

Grace Greene
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Janie Emaus said...

Nice to see you back.

Grace Greene said...

Hi, Janie! Love your photo on your blog!


Cathy Robinson said...

I am anxiously awaiting your next book! Please come soon, November!